So what’s your favourite Nirvana song?

This is the first thing you would be confronted with if you wore a Nirvana tee today, or any other band tee for that fact. So what’s with the low-key cynicism you ask? Well this all dates back to nostalgic craving of old school rock bands plus fast fashion’s rampant need to generate fashion trends.

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Unlike band merch today that is typically donned by fans, ‘vintage’ merch from bands such as Nirvana are now worn by anyone and everyone. Band merch from the past has transcended the notion of typical ‘band merch’; they’re no longer about music anymore and has become a mere fashion statement. The true meaning of band t-shirts has gotten lost in the process of dying subcultures that were flourishing especially during the 80s and 90s.

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Nostalgia is the driving demand for iconic band tees but most people today wear them simply because everyone else does and that it’s just ‘cool’. Fast fashion’s overzealous hunger for the constant spewing of trends has unfortunately led to the devaluation of the personal and once-treasured notion of owning a band tee.

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Now that the trend of ‘old-school’ tees are becoming more and more widespread, actual fans of these rock bands are not impressed. What was once so personal and meaningful to these groups no longer carry the same significance. In a world where fashion trends are so rapidly changing and disposable, anything can end up like the Nirvana tee.